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The Bahamas: Cat Island Scuba Diving

Bahamas Scuba Diving In the central­southern Bahamas, between Eleuthera and Long Island, Cat Island is remote and undeveloped, with many wide, open beaches. The sixth largest island in The Bahamas, Cat is considered one of the most beautiful. The island is 50 miles long and 4 miles wide, attracting mainly divers, fishermen and adventurers. The island's Fernandez Bay is a picture perfect beach-a crescent of pure white sand, lined against an emerald and turquoise sea. There are contrasting shorelines: the island's north side is wild and untamed while the southwest side, facing the Great Bahama Bank, is most often placid and serene. The diving varies from shallow, protected reefs to dramatic deep coral walls.

Facing the Great Bahamas Bank is a spectacular deep water drop-off, First Basin Wall, in 100 to 200 feet of water. Its proximity to the deep ocean provides many encounters with schooling jacks, Eagle Rays and, occasionally, sharks. Out on the bank is a magnificent Blue Hole. Inside the opening divers often encounter schools of fish, large groupers and Caribbean Reef Sharks. White Hole Reef expresses another phenomenon peculiar to The Bahamas: circular depressions in the limestone basin that form flat basins surrounded by coral mounds. These sites serve as an oasis for solitary reef and schooling fish.


Bahamas Scuba Diving The Tunnels can be reached from the beach. They begin in very shallow water and descend through a series of crevices, canyons and fissures to a coral garden in 30 feet of water. At 110 to 130 feet on Third Basin Reef Wall, divers are surrounded by colorful giant sponges, deep water sea fans and huge Black Coral bushes.


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  • Years in operation: 9
  • Daily Dives: 3 per day
  • Staff: 4, with 2 instructors
  • Boats/capacity: 2 boats carrying 4 to 20 passengers
  • Agency affiliation: PADI and PDIC
  • Special note: Diving and snorkeling lessons available. All dives are guided and offer a variety of walls, blue holes and reefs. Shore diving from the beach.
  • Package with: Greenwood Inn ( on property )

(800) 661-3483 (305) 451-2228 - (242) 342-3053 phone and FAX

c/o Hotel Greenwood Inn

Port Howe P.O.

Cat Island, Bahamas

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