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The Bahamas: Berry Islands Scuba Diving

Bahamas Scuba Diving...Kicks Ass! Just to the northeast of Andros, on the northeastern edge of the Great Bahama Bank, lie the Berry Islands, a stirrup-shaped chain of 30 cays and numerous smaller islets. The Berries (population 634) offer beautiful opportunities for both divers and snorkelers. The two largest, Great Harbor Cay and Chub Cay, are where most of the Berry Island residents live, and are the centers for activity.

The Berry Islands have long been prized for sportfishing. Recently, the area is being recognized for its diving, and divers are finding a new and relatively unexplored territory.

Since Chub is located on the edge of the Bahama Bank, shallow dives among the area's many reefs are plentiful, and with the Tongue of the Ocean just a stone's throw away, the rare experience of diving along sheer walls is also standard fare.

There is a deep-water canyon at Chub Cay where you can find a variety of colorful reef fish and open water marine life. Staghorn coral are numerous in the shallow waters near Mamma Rhoda Rock. The Chub Cay Wall, which starts at 80 feet and drops to 4000 feet, provides divers with a magnificent look into the deep. The Canyons is located in 45 feet of water and has a variety of swim-throughs, tunnels and large coral arches. Another popular site is the Eel Garden which starts at 40 feet of water over white sand with hundreds of garden eels, Southern stingrays and parrot fish. A rollover covered with coral heads continues down to about to about 75 feet.

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Bahamas Scuba Diving...Kicks Ass! CHUB CAY UNDERSEA ADVENTURES

  • Years in operation: 1
  • Daily Dives: 2 tank am, 1 tank pm
  • Staff: 3, with 1 instructors
  • Boats/capacity: 1 boat carrying up to 8 passengers
  • Agency affiliation: PADI.
  • Special note: Escape the crowds! Owner operated dive center on a private island. Our personal service allows you to decide the dives and dive your profile. Great wall diving and beautiful coral reefs.
  • Affiliation: Neal Watson's Undersea Adventures
  • Package with: Chub Cay Club

(800) 327-8150

(954) 462-3400, FAX (954) 462-4100

PO Box 21766 - Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335-1766

E-Mail - chub@nealwatson.com

WWW site - http://www.chubcay.com

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