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The Bahamas: Andros Scuba Diving

Bahamas Scuba DivingAndros is the largest island in the Bahamas and, in many ways, the most magical and mysterious. It is in the central Bahamas, 30 miles southwest of Nassau, across the deep Tongue of the Ocean abyss. One hundred miles long and 40 miles wide, with only a sparse population spread out along the Eastern Shore, Andros is one of the least explored land tracts in the Western Hemisphere.

Bahamas Scuba DivingAndros also offers one of the most diverse and least explored dive environments in The Bahamas. Of special interest to divers is the 120-mile barrier reef that parallels the eastern coast-the third longest barrier reef formation in the world. Along its outer face, the reef drops into water thousands of feet deep-the Tongue of the Ocean. Andros is also famous for its blue holes. Two distinctive features of the Andros Reef are the shallow to mid-depth coral pinnacles and the false drop-off, a midreef wall of fissures and canyons just inside the final escarpment.

The Edge of the Wall excursion is a mid­depth dive through the reefs and pinnacles adjacent to the final drop-off. Giant Staircase is a series of coral platforms that descend in steps toward the ultimate wall. The Gardens is a lovely shallow patch reef formation of dense coral and prolific reef and schooling fish. The Marion shipwreck is a barge, crane and tractor lying in 70 feet of water. Accidentally sunk in 1988, the main hull of the barge is gutted, allowing for diver exploration. An excellent day or night dive, it is home to schools of groupers, snappers and giant Rainbow Parrotfish.


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  • Years in operation: 38
  • Daily Dives: 2 tank am, 1 tank pm, night dives ( 6 minimum ) twice weekly
  • Staff: 5, with 2 instructors
  • Boats/capacity: 3 boats carrying 2 to 18 passengers
  • Retail store: Sells clothing, Androsia Batik, accessories and gear rental.
  • Agency affiliation: PADI.
  • Special note: All inclusive rates, diving/snorkeling program ( reef 1 mile offshore ), free intro. lesson, bikes,, windsurfers, sailboat, hot tub, nature walks, masseuse. Custom tailored diving on wall, in blue holes, weekly slide presentations and discovery snorkel with resident marine biologist, video operations, fishing program.
  • Package with: Small Hope Bay Lodge ( on property )

(800) 223-6961

(242) 3668-2014, FAX (242) 368-2015

PO Box 21667 - Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335

E-Mail - shbinfo@smallhope.com

WWW site - http://www.smallhope.com

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